Baby Tula

FINAL SALE! Tula's Statement is below:


To our valued retailers,

First, a profuse and genuine thank you for your support of Baby Tula over the years. While some of you have enthusiastically joined our team recently, many have been here since the very beginning. Educating your communities, using your own expertise to help families learn about the benefits of babywearing, giving countless hours to your customers who rely on you to guide them on their greatest adventure: parenting. Your shops with the careful attention you give has helped so many. It is no small task to be a small business, even before Covid-19 descended upon the entire world.


While we are all still learning what a “new normal” will be, the reality we face right now is that retail has changed and will likely not be the same for quite some time. As families continue to grow, parents will need babywearing support and safe products will need to be made available. But, the necessity of social distancing means stores will need to rely on digital services even as communities begin to remove restrictions. This shift to digital, which began and will continue beyond the global pandemic, has made it necessary for Baby Tula to streamline our efforts to a direct to consumer approach, and discontinuing the wholesale program effective today, Monday, June 1st.


We understand this is an abrupt announcement and wish that circumstances were different to enable us to properly thank each of you individually for your support over the years. Unfortunately, we have needed to explore our sales approach for quite some time now. This decision felt like the most responsible, holistic approach to make to keep our essential baby products available to growing families.


"While we will always hold out the hope that the future will bring a new chapter for wholesale, it is with a heavy heart that we need to make this change to allow us to thrive and grow as a brand. We are currently exploring how we might still find ways to collaborate with our biggest brand cheerleaders: You. We want to keep an open mind to how our relationship may continue and will always be considering how we can best meet families where they are seeking support. We truly believe that this is not a goodbye, but a see you soon.


Please note that any Tula product that you sold or own will be covered by all applicable warranties. We will continue to support your purchases and customers in any way that we can as you have invested in our product. All MSRP guidelines are lifted, and each store may choose what avenue is best to sell through what you have on hand. If you have outstanding orders, pending shipments, or any unique circumstances for your account you may contact (Blocked out)


Wishing you and your family safety and health,

Baby Tula, INC"