At BunchaFarmers, we live by our Philosophy and it shows in our products. Our philosophy is to make great products that do what they are supposed to do using only the finest of materials at an affordable price. We want to get rid of TOXINS in our everyday life as down the road they will probably cause health issues. So when we create our cleaning products we make sure they are safe and work great on whatever household task you do. Our soaps are very soft and soothing on your skin so that no matter your skin condition they will not irritate when you are washing. Even for YOUNG CHILDREN or BABIES. The SKIN CREAMS are designed to keep your skin healthy ,cleansed and moisturized. Our new FACIAL CREAM with BEE VENOM will help take out the lines and give you that healthy glow you desire. THE TRUTH ABOUT LOOKING YOUNG is to keep your skin Healthy. Keep it moisturized and give it the nutrients it need on a weekly basis. THE HEALTHIER YOUR SKIN LOOKS THE YOUNGER YOU LOOK!! ​ ​The LIP BALMS are made with the finest ingredients found anywhere and they are long lasting and moisturizing. Because of the high cost of these ingredients we did not look for fancy expensive packaging like some other brands to keep the cost affordable to you. In Closing there are two types of people in the world “GIVERS and TAKERS” for HUMANITIES’ and our PLANETS’ sake BE A GIVER! - Iggy Natoli, President, Bunchafarmers

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