CJ’s BUTTer® was originally created to be the very best all-natural, cloth diaper safe baby butt cream ever. This shea butter balm is our signature product. It has been deemed so because of its ability to absorb quickly into the skin providing deep healing for most skin problems. Once you try it you will find that it will replace any number of products you are already using for a wide variety of purposes.

CJ first created BUTTer because she couldn't find anything on the market to help her child's diaper challenges. Because her product worked like magic on her own kid, CJ began the mission to offer her products to you, the best customers in the world. 

Scent Descriptions:

Monkey Farts - Monkey Farts?! It's not what you think! This truly unique fragrance combines bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, bubble gum and strawberries with a touch of vanilla to create an incredibly fun, fruity, whimsical scent.

All Natural Mango, Sugar, & Mint bursts with sweet, ripe notes of mango with the tiniest kiss of mint to keep things crisp and fresh. This fragrance is derived completely from the constituents of essential oils and other plant materials. 

Coconut Lime Dream - a luscious blend of creamy coconut and tangy lime.

Tea Tree & Lavender - Scented only with essential oils, harnessing the power and uplift of Tea Tree paired with the comfort of Lavender!

Lullaby Baby - a gorgeous, soft, irresistible designer baby fragrance! It's a tribute to the softness and innocence of babies.

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey - This blend is a perfect marriage of oatmeal, milk, and honey - mellow-soothing, with just a hint of sweetness - the comfort food of fragrance.

Sweet Orange - There's just something connoting about the smell of oranges that's ...well...sweet! But Sweet Orange doesn't JUST smell good. The Sweet Orange Essential Oil we add can help you with a variety of skin conditions.

Warm Vanilla Cake - The smell of cake...warm, delicious, comforting...is captured in this scent!

PLUS - There's just something about PLUS and the way it smells. There are some that like the smell and there are some that are indifferent to it. Whatever end of the spectrum they are on, however, it is the effectiveness of PLUS and what it does that causes people to fall in love with it!


*VIVA LA JUICY is trademarked and owned by Juicy Couture, Inc. any likeness is purely coincidental.

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