Lighthouse Kids Company

Did you know you can have a diaper for your baby that doesn't cause rashes and irritation?

Lighthouse Kids Company's All-In-One cloth diapers gives you the option of keeping baby dry or wet depending on their potty training readiness. Extremely absorbent, Lighthouse Diapers can hold 12oz of liquid (most cloth diapers hold about 8-10oz) because of our super thirsty knit bamboo layer. No leaks, no mess. What about the poop? Easy, simply use diaper liners to flush waste. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, congratulations! Just throw your diapers in the wash, no need to rinse. It's THAT easy!

Lighthouse Diapers are so simple to use, there is no stuffing ever! Just choose whether you want baby wet or dry and place it on the bum. Bye bye wetness and rashes!