Betsy Ann Chocolates Parfait & Mousse Truffle Box

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Welcome to Betsy Ann Chocolates, setting the standard for original American handmade gourmet chocolates since 1938. Our time-honored recipes include only the finest, freshest, and all-natural ingredients. Each chocolate confection is custom created distinctly for the American palate. Familiar favorite ingredients, flavor combinations and pleasing textures lovingly turn each bite into the sweetest of memories. For generations of loyal customers, our confections are a nostalgic and joyful treat and their stories inspire us daily. - Betsy Ann, Pittsburgh, PA

(8) Piece - A chocolate lovers dream assortment. Our Parfait Truffles are three layers of flavored and whipped heavenly chocolate, bittersweet dark, creamy milk, and white, enrobed in deep dark chocolate. Our Chocolate Mousse Truffles are made from hand whipped dark chocolate, grade AAA cream, and dairy fresh butter, then moulded in ultra smooth milk chocolate.