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It’s been quite a draining year, hasn’t it?

At the request of so many of YOU, we at Diaper Depot are humbled to run this Inspirational Mystery Box! You choose the value of your box and we pick the items that go in the box, so it’s a surprise! You can help us out with likes/dislikes/favored prints or scents or you can let your Mystery Box be a COMPLETE MYSTERY by letting DD pick based on what we know about you! No matter your choice, every box will include inspirational notes handwritten to you. Each box will contain a minimum product MSRP of the dollar value you purchased, plus Michelle & Jeff can't but help see how many people this can help lift and you never know what's up their sleeves ;)

When you purchase a box, please feel free to leave your own inspirational message for us to add to the box after yours! Also, consider sending a box to a friend who might need their day brightened with your own words! Enter anything you'd like to leave in the notes or respond to your order confirmation! THANK YOU!