Diaper Depot “JELLY(cat) Of The Month Club”



Jelly(cat) Of The Month Club.

With no recurring charges, you’ll checkout and watch a new Jellycat in either a Diaper or Wet Bag arrive to your mailbox each month... It’s the gift that keeps on giving, the whole year!

What’s included?

At minimum, you’ll receive a Jellycat stuffy that is selected just for you! We will then pop the Jellycat in a diaper or wet bag, depending on your subscription. Next, we add in some samples & a cheesy “Dad-Joke” and ship it to you! All subscriptions will be mailed on the 24th of the month directly to your mailbox. So sit back with a tall moose glass of eggnog and wait for your monthly gift to arrive!

Choose 3 Month, 6 Month, 9 Month or 12 Month. But wait...THAT'S NOT ALL! In your last shipment, you’ll receive a gift card for 3% back of your total purchase price to apply to another subscription or anything else in store... Bingo!😉 It’s our way of saying Thank You for joining the club!

In order to fulfill our promises on this subscription, you must purchase the current month box by 11:59pm Eastern the 16th of each month (Example July 24th box must be purchased by end of day on July 16th) Any box purchased after the cutoff will not ship until the following month. We reserve the right to ship boxes as early or late as (3) days before/after the stated ship day to accommodate a release, holiday or weekend.

Cancel any time. Cancellations are allowed and will be issued in the form of store credit for any remaining months. Refund will be calculated by taking the purchase price divided by the number of months purchased subtracting any month a box was sent. Cancellation can be sent at anytime and must be sent to info@diaperdepotpgh.com. The cutoff to cancel for the current month is the 16th @ 11:59pm Eastern. Any request sent after this time will not be honored for the current month. Any cancelled subscription is not eligible for the 3% back.

Minimum value of $49 in each monthly shipment.