ELEVATED – Natural Tooth Paste



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This is our Adult Tooth Paste, stored in Zero-waste, Plastic-free packing!  No risks here, 100% SAFE to people & planet! Sweetened with xylitol, our toothpaste not only tastes good, it helps promote healthy oral care! Cleans teeth and gums and protects & strengthens teeth Vegan, Cruelty-Free certified! 100% Pure & NATURAL!
Available in 4 flavors:Fresh Mint, Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and Spicy Cinnamon!
Container: Stored in Glass, with metal cap, our plastic-free containers are leach-FREE! 2oz. in size makes it perfect for travel
Cleans.Strengthens. Protects.
ALL Natural and Safe to Swallow
Hand-Crafted in the USA
Vegan and Cruelty FREE (Leaping Bunny Certified)
Sugar FREE, sweetened with Xylitol
Glycerin FREE
Fluoride FREE
Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free container & manufacturing practices!
2 oz / 60 ml Glass
Stored in a 2oz. GLASS jar (attractive and infinitely recyclable + 100% HEALTH SAFE
We don’t compromise when it comes to our ecosystem or your health!
DIRECTIONS:  Dip toothbrush into jar, adding just a pea size amount onto your tooth brush. Brush thoroughly, after each meal (if possible) or at least twice a day, or as directed by your oral health care provider. Keep it fresh!  Replace cap when done.
*Want that squeaky CLEAN feel, like you just got a deep cleaning from the dentist?  Pair with our HERBAL, Charcoal Tooth Powder. 
100% Natural Ingredients: Purified water,Xylitol, calcium carbonate, extra virgin coconut oil, pure essential oil blend, grapefruit seed extract
*Essential Oils per Flavor:
Sweet Orange Flavor:  Pure sweet orange essential oil
Fresh Mint Flavor: Pure peppermint essential oil
Spicy Cinnamon Flavor: Pure cinnamon essential oil
Spearmint Flavor: Pure spearmint essential oil