Katy Emmie Cycle Cloth (TM)

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Introducing Diaper Depot's exclusive reusable menstrual pads by Katie Emmie, Cycle Cloth (TM)!

Cycle Cloth (TM) has been designed and trademark pending with the US Patent and Trademark Office to end all "period" stigma and is appropriate for all ages. Our introductory pads are topped with super-soft minky for a comfy-cozy feel. Hidden inside, you'd find 4 layers of thirsty Hemp/Cotton blend to absorb from your lightest to your heaviest days. A moisture-resistant fleece backing does double duty: Cycle Cloth (TM) will stay in place (no sliding around like PUL-backed pads!) and leaks will be a thing of the past! All pads are designed to be used on any day of your cycle, ending the need for different pads for different days. 

Katy Emmie Cycle Cloth (TM) are available in 3 sizes; 9", 11", and 13" and offer high-quality KAM Snaps closure. Price includes (1) pad.


Proudly made in Pittsburgh, PA, USA