Mirus Toys Arithmetic wheel - Multiplication - 12x12 wheel

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Make practicing arithmetic fun ... 10 times fun!

This wooden arithmetic wheel is a great addition to your math shelf. The coins alone are so much fun to play with...

Sort them
Arrange them by ascending or descending order
Arrange them on the 100 board.

Then the times table wheel. Choose on of the bigger coins and keep that in the middle. Either practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or division table from your memory and place the relevant couns on the perimeter or use the 100 board and do skip counting to learn the times table.

Here is a fun exercise for those of you have our hundred board as well... Start with 2 and do the times table..3,4... For every multiple (other than 1x) you get place a ball in the relevant slot in the 100. For example 2 times table, 1x=2 (ignore 1x), 2x=4 (place the ball on the 4), 3x =6 (place the ball on the 6)....Do this for 3 times, 4 times...10 times table... look at all the balls you have placed. Some spots are still empty... Voila!!! Those are the prime numbers! Now your little one has a way to "see" and understand the "why" behind prime and composite numbers.

Made of solid hardwood maple and the coins are printed with nontoxic ink.