Mirus Toys Dollar Counting Board

Mirus Toys


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It is never too early to teach kids about money. This money counting board will help them enjoy playing and learning about different coin denominations at the same time.

The base board has 100 slots for pennies, each slot engraved with the dollar value. 100 pennies make a dollar, count them, fill them, trade them...

The top coin equivalent fraction board helps with the understanding of the relationship between diff denominations. How many pennies make a nickel? What do you need to make a quarter? If you have a dime, put the dime bar on the board, how many more pennies do you need to make a dollar?

The possibilities of inquiries are endless...

Materials: Base is made of hardwood maple. The coin equivalent fraction board is made of reddish alder to give a good contrast to the base yet light enough to read the coin details.

Size: 11"x11"