Mirus Toys Fraction Circle Set

Mirus Toys


Make fractions fun! Our wooden fraction circles/angles kit is the perfect blend of education and fun. A visual math manipulative, it makes learning fractions easy and make the connections from fractions to angles. Explore all the possibilities with this intuitive tool and toy and watch your child flourish.

Wooden Fraction Circles/ angles manipulative kit
· Educational and creative toy inspired by Montessori and Waldorf education principles·
· Reddiah alder base. Angles are engraved around the edges for easily connecting angles to fractions.
· Fraction pieces are made of aspen
· 55 fraction pieces—2[1/2], 3[1/3], 4[1/4]... 10[1/10]
· Mix and match to make a whole circle
· Base measures approx. 6”
· Circle, put together, measures 4”
· Eco-friendly and sustainably-sourced wood
· Tested and CPSC approved and compliant

Please note that the smaller the fraction, smaller the pieces get and becoming a choking hazard and sharp. So not for kids under age 6.

All of our toys are made using the highest quality wood, non-toxic paints, and sealants that are food safe. The CPSC approval is made by third party labs and we maintain an up to date compliance certificate at all times.

What is included
* 55 fraction pieces—2[1/2], 3[1/3], 4[1/4]... 10[1/10]
* 1 base