Mirus Toys Perpetual Calendar

Mirus Toys


 Children thrive on rhythm. They also love to discover and learn. This perpetual calendar serves all those purposes. Every morning, visually describe how the day is unfolding and get a beautiful start... while also intuitively answering why the day is the way it is! At the end of the day, set the moon phase hand while gazing at the night sky and say good night to the day.

What sets this wooden perpetual calendar apart?
It not only provides a beautiful place to organize all the information but it satisfies the inate urges of the child to always be curious and ask why. My daughter's favorite phrase is "but why?...". Well, here it is...

The season is autumn now. But why?.... Do you see the position of the Earth with respect to the Sun... This is where we live (point it out) and as we are moving away from the Sun...

This calendar doesn't just say what, but also in a visual and intuitive way points to the "why". This gives an excellent starting point to encourage conversations about our Earth, the moon, weather, seasons and a lot more.

This beautiful wooden perpetual calendar doubles as a home decor!

Sections of this beautiful wooden calendar

There are 6 sections to this perpetual calendar -

1) A temperature section. This sliding (magnetic) pointer sets the days' temperature and lets them choose their own clothing to dress for the day. When they set the pointer, it becomes much easier to persuade them to wear weather appropriate clothing (most of the time they make this decision themselves without prompting)

2) A hanging date section. By default this calendar comes with a chalkboard tile. You can write the date or draw something fun. Have a great picture of the activity you are going to do today? Switch the tile out and hang your picture! You can also choose a date wheel to select the day.

3) Weather section. Similar to the temperature section, helps them prepare for the day.

4) Days of the week section. 7 days wheel with a rotating hand to set the day. By default it is in rainbow colors. 

5) Moon phase wheel. Clearly depicts the Earth and the moon relationship and how the moon looks like in each phase and why.

6) Seasons and months section. Has the Sun and the Earth in 4 positions around the Sun, 4 seasons, season appropriate nature represented beautifully and the months engraved.


18" long, 8" wide and 0.5" deep. Yes it is a great sized calendar!


Maple. Beautiful hardwood maple. The rotating hands and the sliding pointers are cherry, giving a great contrast.

The watercolors are printed onto wood, so it is truly heirloom, no fading or smudging.

The calendar is finished using linseed oil to bring the beauty of the wood.