Raduga Grez Apartment Blocks Set

Raduga Grez

$116.00 $145.00

Building blocks as art. Every time you play with a child, it’s esthetic. 

Modern building blocks for timeless play. Stairs, arches, roofs, doors. 

Apartment building blocks will introduce the smallest players to shapes, textures and sophisticated colors. If to put one element on top of another you’ll get a tower. As the child grows, the games with building blocks will grow too. The constructions will become more complicated and a sense of balance and endurance will come. While playing you can tell children about Roman architecture, Gothics and Bauhaus.   

Packed size 33x28x4 cm

Ages: 3+

Made with: linden wood, non-toxic water-based stains and paints

Handmade in Russia

The blocks are packed in a cotton pouch for storage. The bag is sewn in our studio by hand from Belarusian flax.

The shades may differ from the shades on the screen. Tree-specific spots or streaks of wood are possible. Details and size may vary slightly as this is handmade.



How to play

  • on a tray we engraved the contours of details for you to collect them back much easier
  • build the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Great Chinese Wall
  • take 3 different shapes / elements from the set, say which is an odd one (or what they have in common) and why (a spoiler: there’s no correct answer)
  • build objects which you see around with the elements of the building blocks set, for example a table, a chair, a laptop, a bench in the park, a house standing opposite
  • assemble the maximum number of variants of the letter” A” with the elements from the set. Give your “A” various features (make it plump or thin, serif or italics). Build the whole alphabet and numbers, too