Raduga Grez Earth Stacking Tower

Raduga Grez


Earth colors stacker.
Burgundy, terra, clay, mustard, olive, tale, deep forest colors.
Timeless toys which is perfect for game and kids interior. 

Packed in beautiful cardbroad boxes. 

Made in Russia manually by third-generation carpenters. Made from solid wood and non toxic water based paint. Wood purchased from a responsible supplier.
The blocks are packed in a cotton pouch for storage. The bag is sewn in our studio by hand from Belarusian flax.

Packed size 17x12x12 cm

Ages 6 months+

The shades may differ from the shades on the screen. Tree-specific spots or streaks of wood are possible. Details and size may vary slightly as this is handmade.


How to play

  • string the discs on a twine or a ribbon

  • build figures on a flat surface, for example a caterpillar or a snowman

  • imagine that the circles of the tower are stars (the way we see them from the Earth). Some seem closer and bigger, others are farther. Build constellations (existing or imaginary) with them.   

  • set wheels in motion. Which will roll further? Along which surface? Upwards, straight or downwards?

  • roll discs down the inclined surface 

  • assemble a pyramid in a top-down or a random way