Raduga Grez Skin Tones Arch Stacker

Raduga Grez


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Arch stackers of different skin tones can be a perfect chance to talk with your children. Though details are painted in different colors they all are similar and equal, and made from one material. People can have different colors of skin, eyes or eye cuts, hair, beliefs or love, but we all have red blood in our bodies and our hearts beat the same. It’s more than just a simple stacker; it plants ideas of equality and importance of every man into little minds.


Ages: 3+

Made with: linden wood, non-toxic water-based stains and paints

Handmade in Russia

How to play

  • put the upper arch on top of your head and try walking through the room without dropping it
  • while playing discuss what equality and diversity mean
  • make a stacker sound by hitting it with a wooden stick
  • make a spyglass
  • tell about optical illusions, perspective and a sense of space
  • make swings from the details of the stacker
  • put a blue ribbon on the floor to make a river. Build the most unusual bridge across it 
  • build bridges across textile river
  • build cradles for toy animals
  • find balance by placing one arch on top of another
  • build a tunnel for a toy train or car garage
  • outline the details with a pencil on paper
  • learn more about colors
  • learn the terms “more-less”