Raduga Grez Vanitas Building Blocks

Raduga Grez


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Unusual building blocks set without prompts or guidelines for playing. You can’t build classical houses from it; instead you can have long, interesting, deep and meaningful playing during which you can talk with children about important things. A candle is a symbol of life, a butterfly is beautiful and fragile, a cup and a jar is life at its fullest, a clock is a reminder of the time we have. This construction set will help you discuss with your children how beautiful our life, childhood and motherhood are, and how important it is to celebrate it every day. 


Ages: 3+

Made with: linden wood, non-toxic water-based stains and paints

Handmade in Russia

How to play

  • make up a meaning for each detail
  • discuss the beauty and value of life while playing
  • create a construction and draw it, or make it from clay
  • use the set as a base, mix it with objects around and decorate the room  
  • put all objects into a bag, take one with your eyes closed and guess it by touching