Raduga Grez Vegetables Set

Raduga Grez


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Take vegetables and with a child describe the firework of various flavors: energizing carrot, sour tomato which sprinkles with its juice, mouth-watering cucumber, spicy onion. 

With a Vegetable set you can feed dolls, make a farmer’s market or a kitchen garden on a crumpled blanket. Play with vegetables, touch them, roll them down the book as down the slide, spin them, draw from life and decorate your room with them! 

These wooden vegetables are a good idea to keep your child busy for 20 minutes while you’re cooking. They also can teach a child to love healthy food. 

Set of 10 veggies: eggplant, carrot, onion, turnip, potato, tomato, cucumber, beet, mushroom, small mushroom. Everything is folded into a cottom bag.

Ages 3+

Made from linden wood, with non-toxic, water-based paints

Handmade in Russia

How to play

  • put vegetables into a bag and identify them by touching
  • spread vegetables on the counter, come with a shopping bag, learn basics of counting and how to behave at the shop or farmer’s market 
  • make a fairytale about vegetables becoming alive. What character does an eggplant have? What can make a carrot laugh? Who offended a tomato? 
  • make a home theatre performance with vegetables as main characters
  • try and build a vegetable tower