Thirsties Alice Brights



Have you ever thought about an old Thirsties print with white snaps and binding and longed to see it with color-coordinated snaps and binding? That's amazing—we have, too! And if you've been thinking you would like some extra-bright Alice Brights in your life, well, we're here to make your day. I mean, we all know Alice Brights was cute before, but with bright pink snaps and binding, it's absolutely WOW! Alice Brights is available in Duo Wrap (two sizes in hook & loop, three in snap), Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One, Natural Pocket Diaper, Pocket Diaper, Clutch Bag, Mini Wet Bag, Wet Dry Bag, and Wet Bag.