Mirus Toys Double sided Honey bee puzzle - honeycomb - bee life cycle - types of bees

Mirus Toys

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Let us explore the hive...

This beautiful toddler educational toy puzzle let's the child explore the wonderful world of honey bees. The puzzle has
🐝 Honeycomb base with 19 cells
🐝 Each cell is engraved with useful information about the hive
🐝 4 cells are engraved with lifecycle stages
🐝 3 cells are engraved with 3 different types of honeybees - queen, drone and worker.
🐝 12 cells are engraved with different jobs worker bees do in and out of the hive
🐝 Back of the base features - anatomy of the bee, lifecycle, types and parasites
🐝 19 inserts matching the information in the cell (13 worker bees, 1 larva, 1 egg, 1 pupa, 1 adult bee, 1 queen & 1 drone) on one side
🐝 Other side of the insert is colored in shades of yellow

For the youngest, this can be used for fine motor skills with pollen transfer work

Line up the different life stages

Learn about the jobs each type of bees do in and out of hive...

So many ways to use this for learning and fun.

*** Does not include the bee lifecycle models. ***

Base made of hardwood maple, inserts are made of Aspen. Measures roughly 8.5"x9" You will get only 1 base. The base is double sided.