Raduga Grez Infante Building Blocks

Raduga Grez

$120.00 $150.00

The building blocks are inspired by the original painting Meninas by Velazquez and its remake by Picasso. Thanks to the geometry of its details it is perfect for the construction of houses, skyscrapers, churches, boats, cities and streets. It’s made in beautiful deep colors: blue, brown, beige, grey and clay. 

We removed sharp corners from each dice manually, so when parents accidentally step on a toy, it won’t hurt. And we do not cover the toys with lacquer, so it is more comfortable for children to build with the cubes and they do not split. 

They are sawn and painted by hand in a small family workshop in Russia. 

Ages: 3+

Made with: linden wood, non-toxic water-based stains and paints

How to play 

  • discuss the painting Meninas by Velazquez
  • build the 17th century city from details
  • build together in turns by adding one detail at a time
  • build a construction and draw it