The Future is Bamboo Bamboo Fiber Cup

The Future is Bamboo

$11.19 $13.99

SUSTAINABLE :More than 16 Billion disposable coffee cups end up in our landfills yearly. That daily coffee run adds up!

WASHABLE + REUSABLE : Our durable and eco-conscious Bamboo Fiber Cups can be tossed in the dishwasher and reused daily 

HIGH QUALITY SILICONE LID & SLEEVE : Antimicrobial + Easy to wash 

EASY CARE : Can be washed in the dish washer. Can also be hand washed.

SIZE : 16 oz  (compares to Starbucks' Grande and Tim Horton's Large)

Dishwasher safe || Food Safe || Don't put me in the microwave!

Tea and coffee contain natural tannins; they may stain your cup. To help remove the stains; try gently powdering baking soda over the wet cup stains. Wait 20-30 minutes, gently wash and repeat as needed. 

Unique Benefits

Eco-Conscious +
C02 offset + Vegan+Cruelty-Free Certified + Eco-affordable