Raduga Grez Forest Wooden Trees Natural

Raduga Grez

$44.80 $56.00

Wooden forest is a toy inspired by Old Russian fairy tales and love of the forest. 

A forest is a soft mossy path, dewdrops on oak trees, sound of a woodpecker or a cuckoo bird. What do you hear? Maybe a squirrel running by, or a pinecone falling on the ground.

As a real forest wakes up your imagination and helps to see a fairy creature in a simple mossy stump, so our forest tunes a child to play and adds a bit of magic to usual game scenarios. Russian forest is an open-ended toy. It’s ideal for storyline games, home theatre and it is simply very beautiful.

Toys with ready-made solutions remind of a director opening the main film intrigue to the audience. It’s boring, uninteresting and not catchy. If the solution is ready-made for you, there’s no value in it. Real value lies in what you learnt yourself.


Set contains 8 trees & bushes: spruce, pine, fir, cypress, 2 apple trees and 2 bushes.

Sizes: 14 cm, 12 cm, 11 cm, 10 cm, 7  cm, 3.5 cm, 3 cm

Made from natural linden wood, coated with linseed oil

Ages 3+

How to play

  • role-play «Gruffalo» 
  • take a forest set with you for a walk in the park and find a matching leaf or a tree
  • spread a green scarf on the floor, it’ll be the grass. Use threads and laces like paths, a blue ribbon as a river and inhabit your forest with toy animals
  • decorate trees with season décor: stick small snowflakes on them in winter, or golden leaves in autumn